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Can inner change really change the world?

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How does inner transformation change the world? As one studies their own mind, (observing thoughts and the co-dependent relationship they have with emotions) one gains awareness of how their thoughts and actions cause ripple effects, and the occasional tidal wave, out into the global consciousness. We see how our thoughts influence our words and actions, and how our words and actions influence others. 

Global consciousness is constantly being shaped and influenced by the quality of thoughts and memes that permeate society. Unfortunately, most people are oblivious or feel helpless about the influence their thoughts have in shaping both their inner and outer worlds. It is the chaotic thought processes of the masses, fuelled by individual desire and greed, that have allowed mankind to create such a chaotic world as the one we currently live in. 

Global consciousness is currently undergoing its own transformation or awakening. There are masses of people in the world today that are waking up into various levels of higher consciousness and awareness. This is being witnessed around the world as an unprecedented numbers of people keep coming together in extremely large unified groups all around the world, pushing for change, and standing up to the powers that be, exposing corporate greed and political corruption at an ever increasing rate.

People are standing up for environmental issues, political rights issues, economical and resource sustainability issues. They are standing up to the excessive greed and lavish excess enjoyed by a very tiny minority, while billions are left to starve in abject poverty. They are standing up to the concentration camp animal abuses that have become a normal practice in the food industry, and exposing corporations who are putting public health and safety at risk. And they are waking up the impossible sustainability of a monetary system that depends on continuous infinite growth at any cost in order to survive, while depending on a finite world of resources that are no longer viable, such as carbon fuels. Our very survival as a species may well depend on this awakening in order to avoid extinction.

More often than not, this global awakening is being fuelled by people who have undertaken various inner trans-formative paths, such as yoga or meditation, or one of the many other paths of Ego transcendence. And this can be witnessed as well by the rapid spread in the Western world of businesses and institutions that teach yoga and meditation, and in the increased interest in Eastern philosophies such as Buddhism and Hinduism, as well as many other other spiritual practices.

Global consciousness will continue to awaken as inner trans-formative practices continue to bear fruit, as practitioners continue to see the positive benefits within themselves. As the practitioner continues to maintain focus on the inner world, the positive ripples will occur on their own.

It is important that the focus of the practice not be allowed to become distracted by the desire to change the world, that is always Ego driven. Maintain the inward focus and the right outer ripples will always take care of themselves. As positive ripples continue to radiate out into the collective consciousness, their influence will help others to see the benefit of engaging in some form of inner transformation.

To change the world, change the self first.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

Michael L. Fournier